Hospital Murder Mystery? (Part 1)
Let’s Play Into the Gloom

Into the gloom’s atmosphere is tangible! Makes me nervous for when things get real :o Don’t worry, I’ll still have my Enigma upload tomorrow :3 This didn’t really require any editing, and I wanted to get it up so you guys could let me know if you wanted me to continue to play it or not in the comments below!!!

This pixelated mystery / survival horror game takes place in a hospital, where you wake up, confused and disoriented. This has just come out on Steam today, developed by Earrgames and published by Flying Interactive, and it seems interesting! I’m enjoying the bare-bones design. The atmosphere is great (especially the sound), and though I didn’t get scared really, I was intrigued. I hope you guys want to see more! Let me know in the comments below, please!! Thanks!