Streaming Live Today @ 2PM CST! (3PM EST, 12P PST)

I will be streaming today (Tuesday June 16th) for 2 hours for on their twitch channel at 2pm CST (3p EST, 12p PST, and 8pm UK time)!

I believe I am streaming HydroPhobia, with keys to give away from but this is not yet confirmed. This is subject to change, up to and including no giveaway. Keep an eye on my website for updates!

I hope to see my high rollers there :3

Streaming Tonight! 2a (CST) at Twitch.TV/IndieGamesBundle

So the kind folks over at Indie Games Bundles have asked me to do a regular streaming segment for them..

Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be streaming for their Twitch channel. I had a stream up there at 8p CST, and I will be having another tonight at 2a (Saturday).

Tues. and Thurs. you will be able to catch me on there at either 6p or 2a CST. I’ll try and announce it on here ahead of time and on Twitter so keep an eye out!


Hope to see you guys there <3



Today’s Episode Is Going to Be Late…

So the long and the short of it is this..

I’m an idiot. When I record with Tmask I have to use this thing called VAC to separate out his audio so I can process it and make it sound wunderbar..  but sometimes VAC fucks up and after recording with Tmask on Weds, I didn’t double check my audio on Silence of the Sleep 4 and 5, and Witch’s House 4 and 5.. so they are all completely silent. Dead Silent.

So I had to rerecord those episodes (Which meant replaying both games over again from the beginning) and Frankenstein the commentary because I am a terrible liar and actor and it’s simply not fair to you guys.

I’m sorry if the next few episodes are wonky-as-fuck, please forgive me. Doing the best possible with what is there.. promise.




Now I know how Ariel felt..

Hi hi hi :3

I just wanted to apologize again for not only the last two videos being late (my fault, not Youtube’s), but today (Spooky Part 5) just not being on par with the other ones.

When I woke up this morning my voice was all but completely gone, and as I write this I’m sipping on hot tea. I told all my friends and family that I am not speaking for the rest of the day in hopes my voice will be back for recording tomorrow!

… And don’t worry, even if it’s late, I promise you guys will get a video every single day :3

Thank you for your support and understanding..

<3 Rou