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Let’s Play Hektor in 10

So not only in this really late for 500 Subscribers.. but todays video is super late because I live in Texas, and Texas blew up. Sorry. Will try and keep state together next time. :3

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Hektor is a first person horror game by Rubycone Games. I hope you liked this compilation of my Let’s Play of the game (which you can view in full here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…).

Checkmate (Part 5)
Let’s Play Hektor

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Alright! That game has wrapped up and with it comes another spin! I’ll be recording this new one asap. Thank you to PeterK for the suggestion of The House which came up on the wheel. I’ll be looking for a new game to replace The House once it’s done, so please let me know any suggestions you have for me to add in the comments below, email, or on twitter. Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed this Let’s Play /Walkthrough of Hektor!

Outro Song – “Roulette Poltergeist” by Roulette and Azkatro – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn5yhd9gzY0

Let’s Play Hektor

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The monster has finally come out to play and despite all my bravado there’s nothing I can do to face him down. This episode brought to you by elevator panels. Can’t leave the floor without them.

Outro Song – “Roulette Poltergeist” by Roulette and Azkatro – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn5yhd9gzY0

Who is THAT?! (Part 3)
Let’s Play Hektor

So dizzy… and I think I overdosed a few times.. lol..

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Shit gets real this episode, I’m no longer alone in this derelict building. A lot of jump scares this time, and squeeks and squeels and screams and cries to go with them! This one had some major blanket time involved lol. Hiding under it didn’t seem to help that much though..

Outro Song – “Roulette Poltergeist” by Roulette and Azkatro – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn5yhd9gzY0

My Scream Worried My Neighbors (Part 2)
Let’s Play Hektor

Well it really picked up this episode! My voice hurts so bad after that big scream! Gimme that thumb if you liked this one, and subscribe for more content! Thanks so very much :3

Story: So I don’t know if I got a bad seed last time since this game is randomly generated, but despite getting lost (and running in circles and loops) eventually I do find the keycard and progress forward. There’s a few times in here where I do little squeeks or cry out, but nothing compares to the big one near the end. It was so loud that my neighbors actually screamed out “ARE YOU OKAY?!”.. luckily no one called the cops. lol

Outro Song – “Roulette Poltergeist” by Roulette and Azkatro – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn5yhd9gzY0

My Direction’s Bad Enough! (Part 1)
Let’s Play Hektor

Hektor is a brand spanking new horror game for Steam. It’s moody and atmospheric.. but I had to be a little heavy-handed with the jump cuts lol

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The basic plot here is that you are someone in an underground facility for the government that is doing experiments on their workers. There’s a girl you keep hearing that is telling you to find her, and you find notes scattered around the facility that gives you back story. There’s some light problem/puzzle solving, and a lot of darkness with only (at least so far) your lighter to light the way. Lots of creepy noises and music, voices, and a new psychosis mechanic. You have to take these pills to keep yourself from going crazy, because if you go crazy bad things happen..