Another Ending?! (Part 20)
Let’s Play Enigma: An Illusion Named Family

Youtube. Why you do this to me. T_T Sorry this is late (Again) but third time uploads seem to be the charm when it comes to youtube lately.. I’m going to try and record in advance so the next few are uploaded way in advance.. I had no idea there was yet ANOTHER ending btw.. I was sure you guys would want to see it, so even though I was positive it would be bad, I went down it. I think the next episode will be the last one (unless the last ending has a LOT left to it).

I’m a little sad Enigma (the korean horror rpg game from steam!) is coming to a close :( I’m going to miss it. Like a favorite tv show hitting series finale :( I will definately be bringing you guys any future games from him :3 He’s working on one called Guilted right now but no release date yet…