Fabulous! (Part 1a)
Stream N Scream Resident Evil 6

This game is both awesome and ridiculous at the same time.. We will cut the episodes in half better next time, it was our first time recording and we had no idea the Sub-Chapters were so big!

I hope you enjoy part 1a of this Stream N Scream (a co-op playthrough), featuring the 2012 PC game Resident Evil 6 by Capcom, in full 60 FPS 1080p HD goodness. I (Roulette) play as Leon, and Tmask takes control of Helena. Use this series as a guide to the game as we cover the gameplay of RE6, or for funsies as we chime in with some entertaining commentary! Check out our other Let’s Play videos and don’t forget to subscribe to us both if you haven’t already! :3

Check out Tmask’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/k9hplays