NO TEDDY..WHY!? (Part 1)
Let’s Play The Witch’s House

I’ve spun the wheel and The Witch’s House has come up as the replacement for Freddy’s – I know I haven’t posted night 5 yet, but it will be up soon! Just a heads up, the sounds are sometimes off (Like when I said “The Music Stopped” but you guys could still hear music) because I had to playing through it again because the first time no game audio was recorded, and it had to be kinda Frankenstein’d in there.. thanks for understanding :3

I really hope you guys enjoy this Let’s Play / walkthrough of The Witch’s House, a top down horror JRPG made on RPG Maker by Fummy. This game is a puzzle-oriented horror adventure featuring Viola, who starts out in a forest and finds herself trapped. Please subscribe and keep an eye out for more episodes!