Let’s Play Into the Gloom

Before anything else, I want to thank +Nathaniel Blood for his wonderful fan art he sent me. It’s amazing and you guys will see it at the end of the episode (I used it in my outro).

That being said, I’m really sorry about how late this is. I was trying to make a 500 subscriber video in appreciation of you guys, and I miscalculated how much time it would take, and I just fucked up.. I’m sorry. I’m still making that video, but I didn’t want to miss my daily uploads for you guys. I can’t apologize enough. This was entirely my f-up :(

Someone messaged me privately and told me I’ve already passed up one of the endings.. Apparently if you free the knife guy you can’t get one of the endings anymore, so I will go back and replay this pixelated horror without freeing him after we get the next few endings on this gameplay / walkthrough. Sorry about that guys!