Noooo.. I f-ed up!! (Part 2)
Let’s Play FNAF

Hi hi hi! Changed the way I do clips at the end of the videos, I don’t know if this is permanent or not, but for now when you watch the clips at the end you get a sneak peak at the next episode of the sister series I’m running (Among the Sleep currently). There was a big scream in this episode, but I’m pretty proud of how I’m doing, I’m not f’ing up constantly like I thought I would be, and it’s all because of you guys giving me the courage to keep going :3 Thanks ^-^

I really hope you’re enjoying my Five Nights at Freddy’s let’s plays! I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through to the end of night 5, but if you stay tuned you will see me try! Hopefully I do and you can use my videos as a guide / walkthrough too! Also, I’ve started recording in 60fps.. let me know if you guys prefer it over 30fps videos!