What Big Eyes You Have… (Part 3)
Let’s Play Alice Mare

Today we learned what happens when little girls meet strangers in the forest. Also flowers scream bloody murder. Remember boys and girls, mix your medicines in just the right order or you will explode. Using drugs the way you’re suppose to? It’s a good thing. :P Also, i ended up getting Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the sham and the pharoahs ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_K5b-JNc7E ) stuck in my head after this.. Though that’s not the same kind of Big bad wolf :P lol

I hope you enjoy this let’s play episode of Alice Mare, a top down JRPG made on the Wolf RPG Maker by Miwasiba (http://alicemare.chottu.net/index.html) . This game takes place in a magical other land of mystery and riddles, which this walkthrough / playthrough / let’s play(whatever) will try and traverse!