Ooh.. Candy!! (Part 2)
Let’s Play Alice Mare

Guess what!! Weds was Miwasiba’s birthday! Same day of episode 1! How cool is that?! Make sure to wish @Miwasiba a belated birthday on twitter! We learn about Letty’s backstory this episode, and I curse out the Chesshire a few more times :P lol.

So what do you guys think? Are all these kids dead and gone and trapped in some limbo? Are they representing parts of my amnesiatic past? I hope you enjoy this let’s play episode of Alice Mare, a top down JRPG made on the Wolf RPG Maker by Miwasiba (http://alicemare.chottu.net/index.html).

This game takes place in a magical other land of mystery and riddles, which this walkthrough / playthrough / let’s play(whatever) will try and traverse!