Parting is such sweet sorrow – Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Pt11 – Stream ‘N Scream – Let’s Play

Oh man, the stream chatters and I went off topic a lot a lot a lot today. This was a 40 minute episode and it got edited down to 20! That’s how much had to be cut from us just joking around and talking! lol.. The next few episodes will be like this, i’ll try and keep a little in, but stuff that happens on stream stays on stream! :3

Thank you for stopping by to checkout my Let’s Play series of Danganronpa – Trigger Happy Havoc! This covers the 2016 release from Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. which has been beautifully ported to Steam by Abstraction Games. I played this on my regular Saturday Stream N’ Scream, and decided to put it on YouTube so you can watch my playthrough anytime, even use it as a guide or just enjoy my commentary.