I’m an exorcist! – Roulette’s Play Corpse Party PSP Ch4 Pt14 – Let’s Play JRPG

Today we finally beat that pesky extra ending boss, and finally give some ghosts some closure. Let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed any other extra endings. I’d really like to get them all for you guys. Thanks! :3

Name tags found in this episode:
Heavenly Host Elementary School – Class 3-5, Ryou Yoshizawa

I really hope you guys like my Let’s Play series of Corpse Party! This game was originally made for the PC-98 by Makoto Kedouin and Mao Hamamoto using TPG Tsukuru 98 – a game creation suite that would later become known as RPG Maker. It was faithfully recreated on the Sony PSP and thanks to feedback from my High Rollers, is the version I’m playing through! Thank you again for watching my playthrough / walkthrough / guide of this horror game which you guys voted for very enthusiastically on my website! :3