I KNEW IT – Scratches: Directors Cut Part 4 – Roulette’s Stream N’ Scream – Let’s Play

I fucking knew that basement was trouble. My every spider-sense was tingling being down there! What reasonable person doesn’t just decide to walk back to town at this point?!

Hi hi hi! This is the game Scratches. It’s published by the same company that released Hektor. It’s a psychological horror that has wonderful voice acting and an engaging story. It’s a bit slow so if you’re wanting instant running and screaming, this one isn’t for you lol.

I’ve enjoyed playing this so far, but it took a really really long time to make progress! I edited this heavily to keep the game flowing for you guys, so I really hope you enjoy watching this. I also used some fast fwding in a few parts so you could see the house but not have to wait like I did.

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If you’d like to spin the wheel yourself (for fun or to decide something) here is the link to my roulette wheel! —http://noddy.nu/roulette/

Outro Song – “Roulette Poltergeist” by Roulette and Azkatro – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn5yhd9gzY0