Today’s Episode Is Going to Be Late…

So the long and the short of it is this..

I’m an idiot. When I record with Tmask I have to use this thing called VAC to separate out his audio so I can process it and make it sound wunderbar..  but sometimes VAC fucks up and after recording with Tmask on Weds, I didn’t double check my audio on Silence of the Sleep 4 and 5, and Witch’s House 4 and 5.. so they are all completely silent. Dead Silent.

So I had to rerecord those episodes (Which meant replaying both games over again from the beginning) and Frankenstein the commentary because I am a terrible liar and actor and it’s simply not fair to you guys.

I’m sorry if the next few episodes are wonky-as-fuck, please forgive me. Doing the best possible with what is there.. promise.