Return of the Queen (Part 3)
Let’s Play Tormentum: Dark Sorrow

Thanks for watching part 3 of my LP Tormentum.

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I’m still working on improving my audio, but hopefully I’m starting to get it down now haha. Episode 3 was a lot of fun, and I’m really enjoying the art of this game!

For those using this as a walkthrough, the following puzzles are in this episode: Kitchen door puzzle, The water roman numeral clock door puzzle, the spider door gem puzzle, and the spring puzzle. :)

Gotten a few questions about my Outro Song – — this is it. It’s Poltergeist Roulette by myself and Azkatro.

FIST OF FURY! (Part 2)
Let’s Play Tormentum: Dark Sorrow

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This is part 2 of my Lets Play Tormentum: Dark Sorrow. Hopefully the audio quality is a little better, and I stopped jerking my mouse around so much, so that should help with the video lol…

It was really fun doing the voices for the different characters, I think I’m going to go ahead and keep doing that, and pray you guys find it funny and not annoying.

This point and click adventure is getting really interesting, and I love that there might be alternate endings based on my moral choices :D

For those using this as a walkthrough, the puzzles covered in this episode are: Green and Purple/Pink Wire Puzzle, Weight Puzzle, and the Hand necklace Door Puzzle

And for anyone wondering, the outro song is here on this channel too! “Poltergeist Roulette” by myself and Azkatro.

Let’s Play Tormentum: Dark Sorrow


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Thanks so much for watching part 1 of my tormentum the dark sorrow let’s play series. I really enjoyed the puzzles for this! This is my first ever Let’s play so I’m sorry for any audio or video quality issues. Bear with me they will (hopefully) only get better! I’ll make an easy playlist so you guys can keep track of them!

For those of you asking, the outro is also on my channel, it’s “Roulette Poltergeist” by Roulette and Azkatro –

This episode covers the following puzzles for those looking for a walkthrough: Jail cell puzzle, Angel light puzzle, Well water levels cages puzzle, Metal Piece Puzzle, and the wall markings puzzle.

Thanks again!